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You can request for novels that is not in our store. We will find and deliver that book to you.

You can request any book in Pakistan posted in Urdu and Punjabi at the moment. We will attempt our most to get it for you however it can now no longer be viable if it isn't always to be had with any of our suppliers. If the purchaser does now no longer discover his required book in our collection, he can use our provider of ‘request a book’ for custom order placement.

Students and teachers are encouraged to apply for future school lessons as soon as possible. A request for conversion to a usable format goes through many steps and cannot guarantee a specific refund time.

If you would like to request, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by
calling (+92) 300 1497147 or emailing

request for novels

Can I Request for Novels?

  • You can use the Iqra Book Mart on-demand service to retrieve books and other material not stored in the library.When you request a book, we give you access to your e-book whenever possible. Note that you will not be able to purchase any printed matter this time.

  • You can order individually from “Request a book”. Request for novels
  • You will receive an email notification when you are ready to receive the book you requested. Books are stored on the selected Collection for 3 business days.
  • You can receive a text message from the library to notify you when a book is updated or returned, or to suggest when you are ready to receive your book.
  • If the book you want isn’t inside the collection, fill out a book request form.

  • Some websites offer self-service request collection. See Email Notifications for more information.
request for novels
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