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Zaboor Muqaddas by Allama Mufti Muhammad Fayyaz



Zaboor Muqaddas by Allama Mufti Muhammad Fayyaz (Zaboor ki kitab)


Zaboor Muqaddas (zaboor ki kitab) – زبور مقدس


Allama Mufti Muhammad Fayyaz

Zaboor Muqaddas(zaboor ki kitab) Summary:

Zaboor (the book of Psalms) is the book of Allah The Almighty that He revealed to His messenger Daawood (David, Peace be upon him). The other books that were revealed by Allah are the Quran, the Tawrat, the Injeel (Gospel), and the Scriptures of Ibrahim and Musa (Peace be upon them). zaboor ki kitab (in Urdu) is the Arabic word for the original Psalms scripture revealed to Prophet David (Dawood) (PBUH).

Dawood or Dawud (also David – PBUH) is very important among the prophets. The prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) started a new dispensation (i.e. the way that Allah relates to people) with the promise of descendants and a great nation – and then gave the great sacrifice. The Prophet Musa (PBUH) freed the Israelites from slavery – through the Passover sacrifice – and then gave them a Law so they could be a nation. But what was lacking was a King who would rule in such a way that they would receive the blessings instead of the curses from Allah. Dawood (PBUH) was that king and prophet. He started another dispensation – that of the Kings ruling from Jerusalem.

Zaboor ki kitab Writer:

Allama Mufti Muhammad Fayyaz is the writer of the book. He also wrote several other books for Islam. You can read online Islamic books from this site.

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Zaboor Muqaddas by Allama Mufti Muhammad Fayyaz