Khud Say Khuda Tak Book by Muhammad Nasir Iftikhar



Khud Say Khuda Tak Book by Muhammad Nasir Iftikhar

Book Name:

Khud Say Khuda Tak


Muhammad Nasir Iftikhar

Khud Say Khuda Tak Book Summary:

As is evident from the title of the Khud Say Khuda Tak Book, the way to seek God through self-purification has been pointed out in detail in this book and such mysterious secrets and facts have been uncovered which were still shrouded in deep veils of silence. Instead of further confusing the reader with an accurate philosophy from himself to God, it takes him out of psychological confusion and mental confusion and brings him before God.

Book has following main properties:

  • This book is written on nafs
  • There is no gender of nafs
  • It is genderless
  • Nafs is neither male nor female
  • The addressee of this book is neither male nor female but human nafs and Nafs is one in every human being
  • This book is written for you and it will tell you who you are?


After reading it, you will change a lot. Your perspective will change. There will be a great revolution in the mind and heart, for the first time you will actually have such a great knowledge with the help of which you will be successful in transforming yourself by the grace of Allah. You can also read online books by visiting the site. This book will help you to get out of depression very quickly and enlighten you.

About the Writer:

Muhammad Nasir Iftikhar is the author of the Book.

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Khud Say Khuda Tak Book by Muhammad Nasir Iftikhar