Hazrat Imam Ali Al Murtaza (A.S) by Mufti Muhammad Fiaz Chishti



Hazrat Ali Al Murtaza by Mufti Muhammad Fiaz Chishti

Book:(Maula Ali sayings)

Hazrat Ali Al Murtaza – ٱلْإِمَام عَلِيّ ٱبْن أَبِي طَالِب عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَام (Maula Ali Sayings)


Mufti Muhammad Fiaz Chishti

Hazrat Ali Al Murtaza’s Summary: (Maula Ali Sayings)

Name – Ali

Title – Al-Murtaza, Al-Amir-ul-Mo’mineen, Abu-Turab, Asadullah

Kunyat – Abul Hasan

Born – Friday 13th of Rajab, in the Holy Ka’ba

Father’s Name – Abu Talib-ibne-Abdul Muttalib

Mother’s Name – Fatima bint-e-Asad

Died – at the age of 63 years, at Kufa, on Monday, the 21st Ramadan 40 AH, murdered by an assassin who mortally wounded him with a poisoned sword in the Mosque at Kufa during morning prayers on the 19th of Ramadan.

Buried – Najaf, near Kufa.

(This part gives) an account of the Commander of the faithful, peace be on him, the first of the Imams of the believers, of the rulers (wulat) of the Muslims and of God’s (appointed) successors in religion after the Apostle of God, the truthful one and the trusted one, Muhammad b. Abd Allah, the seal of the Prophets, blessings on him and his pure family.

(He was) the brother of the Apostle of God and his paternal cousin, and his helper (wazir) in his affair, his son-in- law (being married) to his daughter, Fatima the chaste, mistress of the women of the universe. (The full name of) the Commander of the faithful is Ali b. Abi Talib b. Abd al Muttalib b. Hashem b. Abd Manaf. (He was) also the Lord of the testamentary trustees of authority (wasiyyin), the best of blessing and peace be on him. His kunya was Abu al-Hasan.

He was born in the Sacred House (i.e. the Kaaba) in Mecca on Friday, the thirteenth day of the month of Rajab, thirty years after the Year of the Elephant (c.570). Nobody before or after him has ever been born in the House of God, the Most High. (It was a mark) of him being honored by God, the Most High, may His name be exalted, and of his position being dignified in its greatness.

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Hazrat Imam Ali Al Murtaza (A.S) by Mufti Muhammad Fiaz Chishti